It seems the more I dread a thing, the better the outcome. I’ve always heard it said that we should not worry about things we cannot control, but what about dread? Worry is defined as feeling anxious about something that may happen that could be unpleasant and Dread is defined as something very similar. To me, dread seems the worse choice of the two. Of course, worrying can turn your hair white and give you premature frown lines, but dread can give you nightmares and heart attacks.


I’ve said all that to say this: I dreaded myself into nausea and a headache before I went to my dermatologist this morning.


You might wonder why someone would dread going to a dermatologist? Well, it’s kind of like going to the dentist after six years of NOT going. In this case, I haven’t seen a dermatologist in about twenty-five years. When I signed in, I glimpsed him behind the counter! OMG! I thought he was no older than fifteen. Had to be the assistant right? Decided maybe I should ask him if he thought old people should be euthanized, but decided against it. I sat in the waiting room in a sort of catatonic state after trying to shove a clipboard through a plate glass window. Oh, it was a clean window to be sure, but really! The waiting room was beautiful. The furnishings, fantastic taste, chandelier… lovely. Magazine? The best. Even his chairs were antique wingback, armchair replicas that were actually comfortable to sit in.


I went in for the examination. The equipment and room were state of the art. Spotless gleaming. The exam chair was comfortable. There were pillows if you needed them and a flat screen (probably about 26#) on the wall playing beautiful aerial videos of USA national parks and monuments with Debussy, Mozart, Chopin and Handel playing softly in the background. I expected to be served a Starbucks double mocha cappucino grande with extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup at any moment.


The doctor came in.


He was wonderful! He was personable! He laughed at my nervous, self-deprecating jokes! He smiled and seemed genuinely interested in my concerns! He looked at everything I pointed to and explained everything as he went! He told me that my PCP was a wonderful doctor! He said he looks forward to seeing me again! He didn’t put on a faceshield, body armor and gloves in order to hold my hand in his!


He did, however, burn off several suspicious items and take a biopsy, but you can’t have everything can you?


Here’s to Doctor Anthony Perri of the Woodlands, Texas!! Thank you, sir!

I cannot believe that it has been almost a month since I last had a chance to post anything here. I know that time passes fast when you’re having fun, but I wouldn’t have thought it could pass just as fast when you are not. Since I was last here, I did have a bit of fun. I met up with some of the Kindleboarders from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you are familiar with kindleboards, then you might recognize some of the names: Intinst, who keeps us laughing with his funny posts, Loonlover (Intinst’s lovely wife), SheltieMom (respected Kindle owner and poster), Cobbie (another wonderful person who loves her kindle), Vikingwarrior who also makes us laugh with his posts on the forums, Meredith whose opinions are always valuable and well appreciated by all. We met at a small bakery and had a long, long chat about all sorts of things, saw some interesting gadgets, covers and lights related to Kindles. It was a great time.

Here’s a picture of my new Oberon kindle2 cover, given to me by a dear new friend I made at Kindleboards.

If you are interested in reading some of the posts and have questions about Kindles and e-readers and authors, the Kindleboards Forums is a great place to find book bargains and all sorts of news and information. I’ve included a link below:


Happy Trails

Happy Trails to you!  That line really reminds me of my childhood when I used to watch Roy Rogers.  I don’t really remember much about the show except that I used to watch it at Grandpa’s house and I was always happy there with Grandpa and Grandma.  They’ve been gone a long, long time, but I still have dreams occasionally in which I actually go and visit with them.  The next day, I always feel renewed and refreshed as if I had actually got to visit with them.  I’m hoping that it may truly be so.

Anyhow, back to Trails.  I have been reading on the Kindleboards about Book Trailers and have wondered about the possibility of making one for Misguided Souls of Magnolia Springs.  I’m checking into the possibilities.  I watched several of the other authors’ trailers and some of them were very impressive and made me want to buy their books. 

Someone brought up the point that people don’t go looking for book trailers on YouTube, but if your book trailer is on YouTube, it might be seen, right?  I mean, it’s done by tags.  A few good tags… so, what’s the problem?  Most of the videos I’ve seen are those that pop up after I’ve watched one video of similar category.  It might be worth it.  Just another venue for getting the book out there.  So, I’ll have it here, if all goes well.

How can such beauty come from the mud at the bottom of a pond? Isn’t this a miracle? Of course, it is, but such miracles surround us every day and sometimes we are oblivious to them. The Ancient Egyptians knew the power of the Lotus Blossom as a symbol of order and beauty from chaos. The Ancient Hindus and Buddhists knew it as well. When we become mired in the mud of life’s endless struggles and darkness surrounds us with a choking veil so thick we feel that we may never break free, we must remember that our troubles are like the nourishing, life-giving mud at the bottom of the pond. Even in the mud are wonders unspeakable. Entire universes teem with life at the microcosmic level, unseen by human eyes, unheard and unknown even to each other. These dark phantasms give the lotus, most beautiful of all flowers, the transforming energy that pushes them upwards in search of the light. Just as we must learn to take part of what seems utterly vile and repugnent and transform it within ourselves into that which is good and use it to propel ourselves toward the light. All that is above the surface is simply more of what was below in another form and the beauty of both worlds lies in the eye of the beholder. So we must not despair in times of darkness, but rather rejoice that we are being given sustenance from which we may build that which is truly desirable and wonderful in the sight of God.

Sticky Situation

My sister has a hedgehog. I won’t tell its name because she gave it a horrible name. I can say that because I know she will never, ever read this blog being totally stubborn about using the computer and even more stubborn about reading stuff. Wierd that her sister (myself) not only loves to read, but also write books. I saw this picture and thought of her. Sisters are strange animals. You can’t divorce them and so you have to keep them and love them for better or worse whether you like it not.
My sister is a very special lady. She has seen a great deal of hardship in her life and has gone through some very trying times with her family. I remember when we were growing up, how I used to try to bribe her with a quarter to go away and leave me and my friends alone because she was four years younger and just smart enough to know that she could blackmail us for almost everything we did. She never fell for it… it might have been a nickel, but allowing for inflation, it was probably worth a dollar or more now.
She was a real sport, always trying to please us even though she claimed she hated us. I remember one time in particular when our cousins from northeast Texas were visiting for the summer. These cousins were wild and crazy and ranged in age from eight to fourteen (two boys and two girls). All older than me. So we decided we wanted to sneak a smoke out behind the barn. We sent my little sister in to steal the cigarette from Grandma’s package in the living room. I’ll never forget Pall Malls regular! Grandpa smoked Bull Durham and rolled his own (another story). She went in and got the cigarette and two kitchen matches (self strikers). Well, she was only about three years old. So, naturally, our uncle saw her and observed this behavior, knowing full well that she had been put up to the theft by sinister forces. He stopped her on the porch and said “Hey there, little dauber. (Her name is Debbie and he called her dauber because he said that she reminded him of a little dirt dauber wasp.) Whatchoo got behind your back?”
Now Uncle Don was about 6’4″ and he could see behind her back without even leaning over.
She looked up at him, frowned fiercely and said “A cuckoo clock and a jewelry box!”
My uncle thought this answer so amusing, he allowed her to go on her merry way. We smoked the cigarette and all got sick. Then we got spankings… wow! What a memory

First Post

Hello, Everyone! This is my virgin post on my brand new blog here at WordPress and I’m very excited to see how it looks. Coming very soon to the Kindle Store in the Amazon Book Store will be my action/ adventure/ romance novel: The Misguided Souls of Magnolia Springs. The novel has been in the works for over ten years and is finally ready to be sent off into the ether to soar or fall, depending on the reception it receives from the readers. I will be posting the link here in the next few days as well as working on getting the novel into print for readers who prefer a more traditional read. I can only hope that my readers will find something that tickle their minds or at least tickle their fancies in this whimsical story based loosely on the sights and sounds of the small town where I grew up. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave comments on the look and layout of my blog. I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticisms.



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